The Original
Harry Benjamin Syndrome Book

This book is the conclusion of multiple publications and international activism carried out by Charlotte Goiar in the last two decades for the visibility of Harry Benjamin Syndrome.

harry benjamin syndrome


The Original Harry Benjamin Syndrome Book unveils the reality of this misunderstood Disorder of Sex Development. It is today a social fact that those in the Transgender umbrella are using the biological evidence of Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) to undergird their socially constructed arguments in favor of their gender expression/gender identity ideology. In effect, they attempt to ride upon the backs of those with HBS to gain sympathy for their cause. Epidemiological numbers of HBS today are not representative of actual cases of HBS until there is a future revision of the proper terminology and diagnostic criteria, but it is estimated that people born with HBS are much less than 1% of the general population whilst transgender people are much more common. We are silent in comparison with the often loud and strident "transgender activists". Therefore, one can see that much of the misconception in the public perception of Harry Benjamin Syndrome comes from those who do not have the condition in the first place. This book is an expose on the transgender community, as well as a scientific explanation of what Harry Benjamin Syndrome is and most importantly, what it is not.

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